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"She is living in a world and it's on fire! Filled with catastrophe but she knows she can fly away"
What a spectacular start for a song , Alicia Keys has definitely gone through a lot in her earlier days and has definitely emerged out as a strong headed girl or rather woman. It's been few days that I started listening to the song titled "girl on fire" which made me recollect few tormenting articles related on how young girls have to suffer no matter if they have a hand in it or not l, eventually they are the victim. I am talking about how the world has come in terms with crimes whether it maybe rape, sexual assault, Honor killing, dowry cases as well as so many such brutal aligation they have to go through. For simple instance if u take the case of a girl reject a proposal from a guy ,that almost leads to the guy taking the matter to his ego and then there are series of torture mentally and emotionally and sometimes economically , explaining in normal life situations the girl has to face problems the like boy repeatedly calling on her , passing her phone number to random people, morphing her pictures with explicit contents and also defaming her by creating her fake accounts in social media and bringing forth shame on to her name by chating to different people. They say after u leave your father's house after marriage your husband is your everything but in India so many brides are torchured in various methods either make her life worse than a slave , calls her family by all sorts of bad names , beaten up , sexually exploited, burned alive in the extreme cases or she herself becomes so helpless that she ends her life.
Even in the society where we preach how much love is important there is actually no importance for true love because the norms of society and caste barrier comes into play , in one scene she is married off or her studies are ceased on the other she is killed because apparently she has brought wrong to the family name.
All of you must be familiar with the acid attacks and rang rapes happening in the society well don't b shocked there is more cases to come because this society is just as wild mad animals who want to rip the girls apart who question the society.